Of the 14,369 ‘DOT’ compliance audits conducted on motor carriers in FY 2018, 13,424 (or 93%) included a finding of one or more safety violations. The most common “acute” violation discovered (by a wide margin…) was “Allowing Driver To Operate With Suspended/Revoked/Etc. CDL.” The most common “critical” violations discovered were “Retention Of Driver’s Record Of Duty Status”, followed closely by “Not Using The Appropriate Method To Record Hours of Service.” However, the vast majority of violations found during FY 2018 compliance audits were not “critical” or “acute” violations—they were less serious violations that would not normally result in a fine or a downgraded safety rating. (FMCSA compliance review data found at https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SafetyProgram/spRptReview.aspx?rpt=RVVS, as of 12/28/2018. Accessed by STC on 1/10/2019)