What We Do

Scopelitis Transportation Consulting LLC (STC) is a specialized consulting and advisory business that serves the evolving safety, regulatory, compliance and business needs of the transportation industry.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary law firm (the Firm), STC is designed to augment the professional services of the Firm.  STC is based just outside of Washington, DC in Arlington, VA, and serves motor carriers, trucking technology companies, transportation associations and other transportation-related businesses throughout the U.S.  STC’s staff, along with two Associates, bring more than 100 years of combined transportation-related experience and knowledge.

STC service and advisory offerings expand and vary to meet the current and future needs of its transportation clientele. STC quickly reacts to changes in the transportation industry by providing advisory and implementation services to clients to help ease the process of adapting to ever-changing rules and regulations. STC’s current services include:

  • STC provides consulting services on a range of trucking-related safety, technology, regulatory and compliance issues. STC helps carriers and industry service providers navigate the rules of trucking and helps answer the tough compliance questions.
  • STC conducts mock-DOT audits for carriers, helps companies with “new entrant audits” and provides assistance to carriers undergoing real DOT compliance audits.
  • STC conducts educational webinars and on-site training seminars for many companies on a host of current topics including the Do’s & Don’ts when working with Independent Contractors, CSA, the upcoming Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, FMCSA’s DataQs system, getting the most out of Video Event Recorders, and many others.
  • STC creates written content on current safety & regulatory topics for a variety of publications and forums including client blog sites and industry publications. In addition STC’s President gives keynote presentations on hot topics to trucking groups.
  • STC provides advocacy and government relations services (e.g., drafting exemption requests) for companies needing assistance on policy or research-related needs with the U.S. Department of Transportation, FMCSA and the Congress.
  • STC provides business development services for technology & other service providers using its deep relationships with many trucking companies.
  • Services SummarySTC consults with, trains workers of, speaks to, advocates for, helps develop business, and creates excellent current content for many types of transportation-related clients.

STC is retained by clients either on a project basis with an assigned hourly rate, or on a monthly retainer basis with a monthly fee based on amount of assistance needed. Contact STC President, Dave Osiecki at dosiecki@scopelitisconsulting.com or 202 728 2850 for more information.