As the COVID-19 emergency unfolded and consumed our nation in early-to-mid March, the federal government quickly deemed truckers as essential workers and began using its authority to grant carriers and drivers regulatory relief to help expedite emergency relief-related truck transportation. The Departments of Transportation and Homeland Security issued numerous exemptions, waivers, and guidance documents intended to help carriers and drivers quickly move medicine, medical supplies and equipment, food, fuel, and other critical goods directly to hospitals, grocery stores, distribution centers and the like. After several important federal exemptions and waivers were issued, STC thought it would be useful to clients and the industry to have a single reference document that compiles and summarizes, in date order, some of the most relevant federal actions and what they mean for trucking companies and commercial drivers. Click here to read and download STC’s summary.

If this summary is useful to you, check STC’s website periodically for an updated version, since STC will update it as additional, relevant federal actions are taken.