Those who have been in the trucking industry for some time and have, or have had, safety and compliance responsibilities are probably familiar with FMCSA’s “Education and Technical Assistance” (ETA) package. These compliance-oriented resources started out on paper in the 1980s (yikes) as short summary documents that summarized and explained in plain English the various parts of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. In the early 2000s, they were expanded, digitized, renamed as “The Motor Carrier’s Guide to Improving Highway Safety”, and placed online on FMCSA’s website. This ‘Guide’ recently underwent a 2019 upgrade and refresh , and has been renamed again as “The Motor Carrier Safety Planner”. This new ‘Planner’ can be found at . Numerous drop-down menus are available, and one is the “Resources & Forms” menu. When clicking on the drop-down menu, you’ll see at the top of the “Forms” list a document named the “Carrier Compliance Questionnaire”. This is an ‘oldie but goodie’ file/document, formatted as a series of questions, that can help industry safety personnel evaluate current company safety policies, procedures and training practices. Some of the questions are pretty basic, but others go a bit deeper and may help safety and compliance personnel identify compliance or recordkeeping-related gaps. Finding time to do internal company safety compliance audits is hard. The Carrier Compliance Questionnaire can help…check it out.