As 2018 draws to a close, it’s a good time to glimpse into FMCSA’s regulatory plan for 2019. A review of FMCSA’s semi-annual regulatory agenda along with the USDOT’s most recent “Significant Rulemaking Report” indicates the trucking industry will likely see rulemaking on at least 15 different topics. Here are some of the more significant, expected actions throughout 2019:

1. Proposal on hours of service rule changes (likely in 1st Q of 2019);
2. Proposed elimination of rule preventing a 3rd party skills examiner from conducting a CDL test for a student he/she trained (likely in 1st Q of 2019);
3. Proposed revision of CDL knowledge test requirements to provide relief for out-of-state trained drivers (likely in 1st half of 2019);
4. Proposed elimination of the driver employment application and the annual record of violations completed by the driver (likely in 1st half of 2019);
5. Proposed revision of qualification standards related to vision standard to provide relief to monocular drivers (likely in 2nd half of 2019);
6. Proposal on multiple broker/freight forwarder financial responsibility provisions (likely in 2nd half of 2019); and,
7. Final determination on whether California’s meal and rest break laws are preempted by federal law (timing undetermined…STC’s best guess is 1st half of 2019).