In late November 2018, FMCSA used its twitter account to encourage carriers to use its “Crash Preventability Demonstration Program,” and included in its tweet that the program “lasts through June 2019.” Until this tweet, FMCSA had not placed an ending date on the program, and consistently stated on its website that it was “expected to last a minimum of 24 months”. The demo program was launched on August 1, 2017, and a June 2019 ending date would mean the program was in effect less than 24 months. During a late November phone call with FMCSA staff, STC learned FMCSA is encouraging fleets to use the system so the Agency has as much as data as possible to make an informed decision on next steps. FMCSA’s options appear to be: (1) end the program; (2) continue to the program as is; or (3) modify or expand the program to include more crash types. Could this be a case of ‘use it or lose it?’ STC doubts it, but why take the chance. If you haven’t used the system, you should consider it.