If you’re a regular reader of the 60 Seconds with STC newsletter, you probably know that we love data. Good data informs good policymaking, and data transparency is an important aspect of making sound decisions. So, STC is pleased that FMCSA is taking strong steps toward making data, and tools to analyze it, available to those that need it through its Analysis & Information Online website (A&I Online).

Referred to as A&I tools, FMCSA now lets anyone interested access and analyze data using three new, helpful tools: Registration Statistics Custom Reports, Crash Query Tool, and Safety Event Mapping. Stakeholders can now use FMCSA’s filtering tools and slick graphic interfaces to dive into details about the size and shape of the industry, FMCSA’s enforcement programs and industry safety trends. So, go ahead and check it out. Have a field day. You know we will.