Did you know the Scopelitis Law Firm, and its affiliated Scopelitis Transportation Consulting (STC) subsidiary, has an office in the heart of our nation’s capital and is well-suited to help companies with creative solutions to DC-oriented problems? STC helps clients shape government policies and regulations, and achieve solutions by meeting with key government officials, drafting persuasive requests to obtain regulatory waivers or exemptions, drafting written comments and oral statements on regulatory proposals, and facilitating meetings with key decisionmakers designed to develop government traffic business. Government policies and regulations matter. Have a DOT compliance, CDL, hazmat, hours of service or TSA-related challenge? Need help with a legislative provision? You can turn to the Scopelitis Law Firm for assistance in these and other regulatory and legislative policy areas. If you have a challenge, contact Prasad Sharma with Scopelitis Law Firm’s DC office at 202 551 9031, or Dave Osiecki
of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting in DC at 202 728 2851. To learn more about Scopelitis’ DC-based services, click here.