Unfortunately, the relationship between motor carriers and law enforcement is, at times, antagonistic, despite our shared mission of safety on our highways. That’s why the American Trucking Associations established the Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) to strengthen partnerships and build a foundation of mutual trust. This mutual trust helps encourages open dialogue, establishes a shared safety culture, and demonstrates a commitment to providing a safe and crime-free traveling experience on the roadways. The 2022 LEAB, of which STC’s Steve Keppler is a member, consists of 37 industry professionals whose collective law enforcement experience totals over 900 years. A few priorities of this year’s group include:

  1. Engagement with national law enforcement organizations to standardize enforcement initiatives while building future partnerships and influencing funding flows from the bipartisan infrastructure law;
  2. Enhance CMV safety by reducing distracted driving, improving trucking parking and rest stop safety and security;
  3. Addressing downstream impacts of marijuana decriminalization; and
  4. Improving access to training for drivers, law enforcement, and company safety personnel

STC views this organization as critical to aligning the mission, knowledge, and experience of industry and law enforcement. Safety is not an us versus them game in which each views the other with suspicion. Our shared mission can only be accomplished through collaboration and empathy. The LEAB is an important step toward this goal, and STC is proud to be part of the conversation.

To ask questions or share thoughts about the work of the 2022 LEAB, contact STC Co-Director Steve Keppler at skeppler@scopelitisconsulting.com.