At a recent industry conference, an FMCSA official discussed some of FMCSA’s most recent ELD-related statistics and compliance findings. This Agency representative highlighted the three most commonly cited ELD violations from both roadside inspections and compliance reviews (which FMCSA now calls compliance investigations).

From Roadside Inspections

  1. Failing to maintain required paperwork (i.e., ELD instruction manual, data transfer instructions, malfunction reporting instructions, and blank paper logs)
  2. Device unable to transfer data, and
  3. Portable ELD not mounted properly

From Compliance Reviews/Investigations

  1. Carrier failed to ensure driver’s ELD record was accurate
  2. Carrier failed to electronically produce ELD records upon request, and
  3. Carrier failed to review records of unidentified driving and/or annotate the record explaining why the time is unassigned

The irony of “Failing to maintain required paperwork” as the number one electronic logging device violation from roadside inspections is not lost on us at STC. Similarly, the fact that “Carrier failed to ensure driver’s ELD record was accurate” is the number one violation from compliance investigations speaks to the continued ability of some drivers to falsify their records, even with ELDs. In fact, the FMCSA official included the following bullet on a presentation slide, “Citations for False Records of Duty Status have not decreased.” It seems some drivers have quickly figured out how to fudge on-duty not driving time using an ELD. It also seems there’s a clear message here for carrier safety officials and management.