Tragically, active shooter situations are occurring with increasing regularity. Because of that, Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, LLC (STC) now offers Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Mitigation Training for transportation companies large and small. This 2-hour on-site training (or 1.5 hour webinar version) raises awareness and provides techniques and strategies to create a safer, more secure work environment.

Each workday in the U.S., more than 16,000 threats are made, and more than 700 workers are attacked. Trucking companies are not immune. Employees who have pre-planned response options that can be easily recalled under extreme stress. This training is specifically designed to help employees and employers create plans that increase the survivability of workers in an active shooter event.

To learn more about the training, contact STC President & CEO Dave Osiecki, at or (202) 728-2851.