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It's 11 pm. Do You Know What Your Drivers Are Doing?

For trucking safety directors, understanding crash risk and how to mitigate it is the name of the game. There is a super long list of risk factors to consider. One...
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Hey, What's That Flying Under the Safety Radar

When it comes to CMVs, driver-related factors and violations in fatal crashes like speeding, distracted driving, and driver fatigue garner the most headlines and attention. But, STC recently dug deep...
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Don't Get Caught in The Regulatory Complacency Trap

Earlier this month, STC highlighted a prominent ELD vendor's data showing that recent changes to the short-haul recordkeeping exception have resulted in a dramatic surge in violations of the 11-hour...
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What to Expect from Trucking Regulators in 2021

Based on the results as of now, and barring any change via recounts, it appears the Biden administration will take office on January 22, 2021. We also have an idea...
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Did You Know?

“Allowing Driver to Drive with Suspended/Revoked/etc. CDL” is Most Cited "Acute Violation in FY 2020 DOT Audits

The most frequently cited "acute" violation during DOT compliance audits in FY 2020 was "Allowing driver to drive with suspended/revoked/etc. CDL". See the top 20 violations here.
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Only 10.3% of Drivers for Drug or Alcohol Violations Have Passed RTD Test in Last 10 Months

In the first ten months of the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, more than 42,700 drivers have been disqualified for violations, and only 4,421 of those drivers (10.3%)% have undergone treatment...
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STC Recently Launched a New Client Service, Remote Desktop Audits.

STC recently launched a new client service, Remote Desktop Audits. This streamlined mock DOT audit will save costs since it's an off-site review using smaller sample sizes, consistent with FMCSA...
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STC's Social Media Following is Growing

Since joining LinkedIn and Twitter, STC’s footprint in the social media world has been consistently growing. Follow along at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting on LinkedIn and @STC_Transport on Twitter to keep up with the latest news...
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Becoming a Safer Bet

President Dave Osiecki joins other industry leaders and EROAD experts online to discuss building a strong safety culture using technology and data. [button link="" type="big" newwindow="yes"] Register[/button]  
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