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It has been 16 years since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration first attempted to stamp out fraud in driver medical certifications by building the National Registry of Certified Medical...
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An Evolving Outreach

Many of us have had the experience of searching for something on the internet and finding something different…something interesting or useful, and perhaps completely unexpected. STC staff recently had this...
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Political Train-ing

The Federal Railroad Administration just announced a final rule regarding crew size on trains, establishing that most freight trains will be required to have a minimum of two crew members...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? Carriers are Working to Ease Veterans' Transition to Civilian Life in Trucking

Innovative carriers are developing programs to empower veterans returning to the trucking workforce and provide the support needed to facilitate this transition. Join a webinar on the topic, Tuesday, May...
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Did You Know? False Log Violations Are Outpacing Others

Roadside enforcement has changed its focus when inspecting driver logs to detecting false logs. Between 2018 and 2023, the number of false log violations written on roadside has increased 137%,...
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Did You Know? Fatal Crashes Are on the Decline

According to the US DOT’s 2024 Progress Report on the National Roadway Safety Strategy, Q3 of 2023 represented the 6th consecutive quarterly decline in fatalities beginning with the second quarter...
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In the News

In The News: How to Get More Out of Commercial Driver Vehicle Inspections

Pre-trip and post-trip driver vehicle inspections are an important part of keeping vehicles running safely on the highways.  In this article, STC’s Co-Director, Steve Keppler, also former investigator and inspector...
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In The News: Scopelitis co-director: False hours-of-service log reports rise despite ELDs

At the recent 3-day Scopelitis Transportation Law Seminar in Indianapolis, STC’s Co-Director, P. Sean Garney’s presentation covered compliance with the hours of service rules. Garney noted, among other things, that...
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In The News: Drug Clearinghouse Creates Advantages, Challenges for Industry

The Clearinghouse was intended to make the highways safer by identifying drivers who are prohibited to drive a commercial motor vehicle because of drug or alcohol violation.  STC’s co-director P....
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