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Getting to Yes!

In July, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comments on a possible proposal to allow motor carriers to maintain electronic copies...
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Electricity is in the Air

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law authorized $5 Billion over the next 5 years for States to deploy 500,000 charging stations as part of an interconnected network charging EV infrastructure. The funding...
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Millennials are Not Lazy

Our parents insisted we were lazy. Their parents thought they were lazy. Now, many of us are looking at our millennial children and making the same claim. If only they...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? FMCSA Has Published a New National Average Crash Rate.

The national average crash rate for motor carriers is 0.96 crashes per million miles. This crash rate, along with other factors, will be used to determine if carriers are eligible...
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Did You Know? Detention Time Leads to Increased Crash Risk

The Office of the Inspector General for DOT, estimates that 15-minute increase in average dwell time—the time spent by a truck at a facility—increases the average crash rate by 6.2%
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Did You Know? DataQs Got a Facelift.

FMCSA has revamped its DataQs website including an updated homepage and revamped submission tools and a new mobile friendly design.
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In the News

STC In The News: Fleets Can Reduce the Risk of a Nuclear Verdict

The largest contributing factors to nuclear verdicts usually resolve around safety statistics, lack of hiring and training documentation, and a lack of solid technology-related defenses. These verdicts can be detrimental...
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STC In The News: FMCSA Updates Guidance For Truck Driver Medical Examiners

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, for the first time in seven years, recently published guidelines for medical examiners to use in establishing truck driver fitness to operate their vehicles. ...
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STC In The News: FMCSA’s Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program

As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prepares to launch its new Safe Driver Apprenticeship Program for drivers under 21 years of age, STC Co-Director, Steve Keppler, discusses the program’s...
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