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FMCSA Warns Motor Carriers of Looming 3G Sunset

FMCSA is warning motor carriers that the pending 3G sunset may impact motor carriers ELDs, making them potentially non-compliant. FMCSA is asking motor carriers to talk with their ELD vendor...
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FMCSA’s Loss is FTA’s Gain

For those of you who may not be aware, a long-time friend, colleague and FMCSA employee has moved on to different pastures to bring his skills to another Agency within...
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Drive This: Efficiency is a Team Sport

As supply chain struggles continue to make the news, Congress is, at last, thinking a little more intently about the driver shortage that is plaguing the trucking industry. Many people...
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Did You Know?

New York Lowers CDL Age

New York was the last state to restrict those under 21 from obtaining a commercial driver’s license. That changed on November 26 when they lowered the age to 18, leaving...
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Off-site Compliance Reviews Continue to Rise

FMCSA has continued its focus on off-site compliance reviews as a way to reach more motor carriers with fewer resources. In FY2021, over 40% of all compliance reviews were conducted...
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They May See You When You’re Sleeping

Motor carrier law enforcement has always been outnumbered. While there are over 500K motor carriers and 3.5 million drivers operating nearly 4 million Class 8 trucks, there are only approximately...
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STC In the News: STC Co-Director Writes About Supply Chain Crunch in FreightWaves

STC Co-Director Steve Keppler recently penned an article providing his insights on how to best address our supply chain woes was recently published in FreightWaves. In his article, Keppler presses...
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STC In the News: Keppler Discusses Canadian ELDs

FleetOwner recently talked to STC Co-Director Steve Keppler about the approach Transport Canada has been taking in rolling out its Electronic Logging Device mandate. In the article, Keppler breaks down...
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STC in the News: Business Insider Article Features Insight From STC

Business Insider Magazine recently published an article discussing the challenging driver shortage and the impact new government programs are having on the available driver pool. The article feature quotes from...
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