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Is CSA FMCSA’s Valentine?

On Valentines Day, FMCSA declared its love for CSA by rejecting a suiter it had been flirting with for nearly six years, the Item Response Theory. The industry exhaled a...
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Has Hair Testing for Drugs Died in the Darkness?

No matter the topic, it usually takes a substantial amount of time -- typically 2-4 years -- for new or revised federal regulations to slog through the rulemaking process. The...
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Moving Beyond the Obvious

Some carriers view compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as the primary path to reducing or eliminating crashes. While enforcing minimum compliance can be an effective safety strategy...
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Did You Know? A Little Known Iowa Truck Stop Has Earned Top Honors

Kwik Star in Davenport, Iowa has been rated top truck stop in U.S. It is a small truck stop in eastern Iowa. While it doesn’t have a restaurant or hot...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? With ELDs, Roadside Inspectors are Turning to False Log Violations

In 2022, the second most common violation cited as part of a compliance review or safety investigation was false reports of record of duty status, a critical violation, according to...
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Did You Know? NJ Reigns Supreme In Truck Bottlenecks

For the fifth year in a row, the intersection of I-95 and State Road – 4 in Fort Lee, NJ according to the American Transportation Institute’s 2023 Top Truck Bottleneck...
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STC In The News: Speed limiters a “big, sexy issue” in 2023

STC’s P. Sean Garney was asked to join a FleetOwner-hosted webinar sponsored by GPS Insight.  During the forum, Mr. Garney made several predictions/look-ahead for 2023, including various items in the...
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STC In The News: FMCSA changing how it identifies unsafe carriers

FMCSA has decided not to use the statistical model known as Item Response Theory (IRT).  Instead, it will continue using its own Safety Management System (SMS), with certain proposed changes. ...
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STC In The News: ATA Announces 2023 Law Enforcement Advisory Board Members

Steve Keppler, Co-Director of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting has been selected as a member of the 2023 Law Enforcement Advisory Board of ATA.  Steve explains that the Board is working collaboratively...
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