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ELD Inspired

Enforcement of rules around Electronic Logging Devices has been getting much attention lately. While Canada begins ramping up enforcement of their new ELD rules, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...
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Setting A Screen

The perpetual driver shortage problem results in fierce competition for the relatively few candidates available. In this competition, the ability to hire candidates quickly can be an important advantage. There’s...
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A Walk in the Park?

Truck Parking is finally starting to receive more attention. It is certainly long overdue, given that it has been a known problem in the industry for as long as STC...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know: Intrastate-Only CDL Drivers Are More Common Than You Might Think

18% of CDL drivers have license restrictions limiting them to intrastate commerce, according to the FMCSA’s latest Pocket Guide to Truck and Bus Statistics.
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Did You Know: Speeding in Some States Can Cost You More Than Others

While STC never advocates speeding, we found a recent report by on the penalties associated with speeding interesting. According to the top 10 for highest potential fines for...
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Did You Know: The Number of Carriers Using HazMat Permits is in Steady Decline.

The number of interstate motor carriers with a HM Safety Permit (HMSP) has been on a steady decline since 2017, when it was 1,128. In 2021 it was down to...
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In the News

STC In The News: FreightWaves Drilling Deep Podcast Features STC Co-Director

STC Co-Director P. Sean Garney recently joined FreightWaves' John Kingston on the Drilling Deep Podcast. The two discussed notable events and trends in 2022 and what to expect from government...
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Trucking Alliance: Denial of Hair-Testing Exemption Offers ‘Clear Road Map’

After the denial of the Trucking Alliance's petition to allow positive hair test results to be uploaded to the drug and alcohol clearinghouse, the Alliance looks toward HHS to finalize...
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STC In The News: Large Fleets a Big Target for Pricey Litigation

The larger the fleet, unfortunately the more vulnerable it tends to be, having costly litigation resulting from accidents.  Scopelitis Transportation Consulting’s Steve Keppler talks about nuclear verdicts alongside Steve Stanaszak, a...
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