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To Crash, or Not To Crash

The government has several efforts underway to support crash prevention and crash impact mitigation. While both are important aspects of safety that need to be part of our solutions toolkit,...
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US DOT’s Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity – For Real!

When involved in federal regulatory and safety policy, you get used to reading or, in some cases, just scanning “Notices” and “Requests for Information” published by federal agencies announcing this...
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1st Class Drivers

Throughout the COVID pandemic, we saw many of our professional truck drivers heralded as society’s heroes. They were praised for delivering critical supplies to aid our nation’s response. They were...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? More Details Available on Inspecting Automatic Tire Inflation Systems

In April 2023, CVSA posted a new “Inspection Bulletin,” providing details for inspecting tires on a CMV with an automatic tire inflation system and tires with a tire pressure monitoring...
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Did You Know? New Research Provides Insight Into Driver Health and Wellness

The National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute) recently issued a report titled, “A Catalog of Health and Wellness Programs for Commercial Drivers” which...
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Did You Know? The Trucking Industry's Take on the CSA Proposal Varies Widely

Scopelitis Transportation Consulting welcomed Quinn Hancock from TrueNorth Companies and Deborah Lockridge from Heavy Duty Trucking to discuss how the industry was reacting to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s...
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