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FMCSA Releases Updated Safety Tech ROI Calculator

FMCSA has updated its Tech-Celerate website to include a new and improved safety technology ROI calculator. The calculator covers 11 different technologies and includes inputs like costs associated with training, coaching,...
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Endemic of the Pandemic

As FMCSA searches for data to support its efforts to require speed limiters on heavy trucks, they may not have to look too far. In fact, just a glance in...
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Woman In Trucking Advisory Board Generates Excitement

Almost 300 women applied to participate in FMCSA's Women in Trucking Advisory Board. The agency is currently vetting candidates for participation.
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Seatbelts Save Lives, Even for Truck Drivers

According to FMCSA, of the 831 truck drivers who tragically lost their lives in crashes last year, at least 43% were not wearing their seatbelts.
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Spitting on Hair Testing

A proposed rulemaking to make headlines recently was the DOT Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance's (ODAPC) proposal to approve the use of oral fluids to fulfill drug...
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The Slow Road to Maximum Speed

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration made big news in early May 2022 when it published a notice on its intention to limit the speed of heavy trucks and buses....
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In The News: Cannabis confusion - Thousands of truckers taken off the job amid supply chain woes

A longstanding federal ban on marijuana use for truckers is hampering the administration’s goal of putting more truck drivers on the road to deal with the stagnant chain supply the...
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In The News: Are Drivers Quitting After Positive Marijuana Tests?

Thousands of drivers who have tested positive for marijuana have not enrolled in return-to-work programs, exacerbating the already critical driver shortage.  Any use of marijuana is a violation and can...
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