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Safety Critical Event: Trucking Loses A Leader

The STC team was saddened to learn of the passing of our friend and colleague, Dr. Ron Knipling, who died on July 5 from complications of Glucagonoma, a rare neuroendocrine...
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Mary Jane Can’t Drive for Me

From January 6, 2020, to June 2023, more than 190,000 drivers have been found to have a least one violation of DOT’s Drug and Alcohol Testing regulations, and over 135,000...
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been rethinking how it enforces its rules. Its recent proposed changes to its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and an impending proposal to alter...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? The Latest TTT Podcast Talks the Value of Independent Contractors

A new TTT Podcast is available. In Episode 11, STC and TrueNorth Companies talk independent contractors with the Coalition for Independent Contractors and one of its IC Ambassadors. Available here,...
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Did You Know? VTTI Hosts a Website for Drivers on a Healthy Lifestyle

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute maintains a “Trucking Along – Safe Drives, Healthy Lives” website with tips for CMV drivers on eating healthy, exercising, good sleep habits, money management and...
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Did You Know? FMCSA is Studying if Non-CDL Truck Drivers Should be Drug Tested

FMCSA is analyzing the nature, scope and incidence of drug & alcohol violations (e.g., possession while on-duty, use while on-duty, etc.) of non-CDL drivers, with an eye toward determining whether...
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STC In the News: STC Talks Independent Contractors on TTT Pod

Episode 11 of the Scopelitis Transportation Consulting hosted TN Truck Thought Podcast was released on July 13, 2023. Entitled "Trucking Ambassadors: Defending the IC Model in Trucking," the podcasts featured...
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STC In The News:  DOT Seeks Input on Transportation Infrastructure Innovation

DOT’s Request For Information posted in the Federal Register seeks comments on possible research and development projects that could improve transportation infrastructure.  As the safety and compliance experts at STC...
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