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Driving Evolution

As the industry evolves, it is consistently charged with getting more out of less and squeezing every ounce of safety from every dollar invested. To do this, many are turning...
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Measuring.Improved.Safety.Success (MISS?)

The Department of Transportation is now more than 2 years into implementation of its National Roadway Safety Strategy and carrying out Congress’ historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. In the NRSS, DOT...
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Nothing Without An Image

Last month, the American Trucking Associations unveiled its new image campaign, Nothing Without Trucking. It is a timely re-brand of ATA’s previous Trucking Moves America Forward image campaign, which replaced...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? Harvest season is more than just a season long.

Thirty-seven states define Harvest Season as beginning January 1 and ending December 31, according to an FMCSA resource. Three do not define the season. This is important when considering use...
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Did You Know? The motor carrier industry expects widespread adoption of AI tools soon.

A recent report released by Samsara found that of 1,500 fleet (150 vehicles or more) leaders surveyed, 51 percent say they use AI today with 32 percent considering its use...
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Did You Know? The number Mexican commercial vehicle inspections pale in comparison to their northern neighbors.

Mexican commercial vehicle inspectors conducted 18 level I and IV inspections in one day as a part of the 2024 brake-safety inspection and enforcement event. This is compared to the...
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In the News

In The News: Trucking regulations outlook: FMCSA turnovers create challenges

At the recent Motive Vision 24 conference in Nashville STC’s co-director P. Sean Garney spoke about the revolving door at the FMCSA, saying the temperament of the administrator has a...
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In The News: Scopelitis seminar delves into lease purchase deals, M&A, ESG and more

One of the key takeaways from the Scopelitis three-day seminar was FMCSA inspections where STC’s co-director Stephen Keppler provided data and commentary on the use of remote investigations and their...
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