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Thinking About Intelligence

If you’ve been to a transportation related conference lately, you’ve likely sat through an educational session in which someone describes a new technology that is trained on AI or leverages...
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A New Look for New Entrants

As new motor carriers enter the trucking industry in record numbers, more needs to be done to ensure they operate safely on our roadways. Oftentimes, new motor carriers suffer from...
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New Insights with Old Data on Young Drivers

With the amount of industry and mainstream press on the truck driver shortage in the U.S., and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s recent update to its Safe Driver Apprenticeship Program,...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? Crash Data Showing Significant Drug Use Among Drivers

In a recent report to Congress, NHTSA outlined recent data that shows that 55.8% of road users involved in crashes with serious or fatal injuries tested positive for one or...
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Did You Know? Opinions on Driver Facing Cameras Improve with Experience

Last month, the American Transportation Research Institute released a report on driver-facing and road-facing cameras. The study noted that driver approval of driver-facing camera’s ranked only 2.5 on a 0-10...
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Did You Know? In Cab Alerts Are Improving Driver Performance

70% of drivers slow down 8-11mph after receiving in-cab alerts of upcoming construction zones, according to FMCSA.
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In the News

In The News: Drug Clearinghouse Creates Advantages, Challenges for Industry

The Clearinghouse was intended to make the highways safer by identifying drivers who are prohibited to drive a commercial motor vehicle because of drug or alcohol violation.  STC’s co-director P....
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In The News: Regulatory Issues Highlight Motive Panel Discussion

During a Vision 24 Motive Innovation Summit panel discussion in Nashville, TN, STC’s Co-Director, P. Sean Garney, along with other panelists, discussed various anticipated regulatory issues.  Some topics of interest...
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In The News: Trucking regulations outlook: FMCSA turnovers create challenges

At the recent Motive Vision 24 conference in Nashville STC’s co-director P. Sean Garney spoke about the revolving door at the FMCSA, saying the temperament of the administrator has a...
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