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FMCSA Officials Comment Extensively on Top Regulatory Issues

Recently, three top FMCSA officials--Administrator Ray Martinez, Chief Counsel Jim Mullen and Chief Safety Officer Jack Van Steenburg--attended the American Trucking Associations’ annual management conference and each spoke at separate...
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FMCSA Cancels Long-planned “Flexible Sleeper Berth Pilot Program”

In late October 2018, an FMCSA official announced the Agency’s recent decision to cancel its flexible sleeper berth pilot program. This pilot program was formally initiated by FMCSA in June...
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Did You Know?

FMCSA Plans to Eliminate Longstanding Driver Requirement

In a recent website posting, FMCSA stated its intent to eliminate the requirement for drivers to complete an annual list of violations. FMCSA stated that “motor carriers are already required...
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State Safety Grant Dollars Are Climbing

In FY 2017, FMCSA awarded more than $360 million in safety grants to the States for roadside inspections, traffic enforcement activity, the CDL program, and other CMV-related safety and compliance...
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One of a Kind “All About Video Event Recorders” Training Available

With the ELD mandate in the rear-view mirror for most fleets, many are beginning to evaluate the efficacy of video event recorders to help exonerate drivers, reduce claims and improve...
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