STC’s Newest Training Webinar  Proven Strategies to Increase Fleet Safety, scheduled for Wednesday, May 12, 1pm EDT – This new STC webinar highlights research conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute investigating the most effective strategies fleets use to improve their safety performance. VTTI truck safety research expert Matthew Camden, will join STC to discuss:

  • More than a dozen proven safety interventions, in four specific categories, that several recently evaluated carriers used to significantly improve their safety outcomes/performance;
  • The barriers carriers need to overcome to implement these strategies;
  • Several safety strategies and interventions that were tried, and found to be ineffective; and,
  • How a new truck safety technology ROI calculator works, and how it can be used by any size fleet.


There is a $29 per person fee for this webinar. It will be delivered by Dave Osiecki, and P. Sean Garney of STC, and Matthew Camden, a researcher from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Webinar space is limited, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Register here.