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What California’s Mixed Message Means for Autonomous Trucking

California has a reputation for innovation. After all, Silicon Valley is where the first Apple computer was built and it was the University of California Los Angeles whose ARPANET project...
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That’s It! You’ve Got Detention

Detention time in the trucking industry is a longstanding issue – it consistently ranks as one of the top concerns of some professional drivers and has gotten the attention of...
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Associated with Safety

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week gets a lot of media coverage. Originally a creation of the American Trucking Associations, today we see billboards lining the interstates, newspaper editorials, social media...
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Did You Know? Fatalities are Falling, Pay is Up, and the Next TTT Pod Dropped

The latest episode of the TTT Podcast, hosted by Scopelitis Transportation Consulting is now available here or wherever you get your podcasts. This month, we discussed FMCSA Safety Fitness Determination...
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