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Absolutely Impossible? A.I. Begs to Differ

In the year since ChatGPT launched, the AI discourse has gone in every possible direction. Creative types, for example, worry about the end of the publishing industry: if a simple...
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Broken Trucks and Changing Definitions

Regulation 49 CFR §396.3(a) has been a long-standing problem for some in industry and enforcement – it states that carriers must have a program to “systematically inspect, repair, and maintain,...
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Transforming Transportation Aversion

In case you missed it, the DOT’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released its DOT Top Management Challenges Report for FY2024 in early November. This annual review, required by...
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Did You Know?

Did You Know? America Agrees with Trucking; Intelligent Speed Assistance is Gaining Ground

Did You Know? - November 2023 In a recent survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by CloudTrucks and titled “How America Thinks and Talks Trucks,” respondents overwhelmingly said “truck drivers play a...
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