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Unique Observations From FMCSA’s Hours of Service Proposal

Split Duty Period In August 2019, FMCSA proposed changes to five separate provisions in the current HOS rules. The FMCSA had telegraphed four out of the five proposals. However, the...
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Seeing Irony In The Top ELD Violations

At a recent industry conference, an FMCSA official discussed some of FMCSA’s most recent ELD-related statistics and compliance findings. This Agency representative highlighted the three most commonly cited ELD violations...
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Going to School on Entry-Level Driver Training…But Now We’re Confused

Since FMCSA proposedto give state licensing agencies additional time to comply with their portion of the new Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) rules, there’s been discussion among industry stakeholders about whether...
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Did You Know?

The top traffic enforcement violation

The top traffic enforcement violation committed by CMV drivers over the past five years (2015-19) was “failing to obey traffic control device.” A distant second over this same period was...
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FMCSA’s latest Seat Belt Usage

FMCSA’s latest Seat Belt Usage by CMV Driver Survey (2016) estimated the overall safety belt usage rate for drivers of medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses was 86%. The same...
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STC Offers New Training Seminar - “DOT Compliance Investigations in an ELD World”

In December 2019, the third and final ELD compliance date will be here, requiring most fleets and drivers to use the technology. In early 2019, STC delved deeply into FMCSA’s...
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